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210 Eaton Street
Providence, RI, 02908
United States

About Altamira

After finishing graduate school at Rhode Island School of Design, a fellow classmate,

Gibb Brownlie, and I started Butter+Toast Ceramics in 1986. Our artisan-based

company produced expressive slip-cast tableware and home accessories that

was once described as cross between the work of Antonio Gaudi and Dr. Seuss.

In 1992, we interpreted those designs into lighting and started a new business, Altamira Lighting - and introduced other

materials such as wood, metal, and resin. The lamp shades were hand-painted in

great detail or laminated in silk. Altamira Lighting was a large operation and

closed a few years ago. I am now producing variations of those pieces as well

as developing newer designs.

Throughout these 30 years of designing tableware and lighting, I continue to teach

at RISD  a class in production ceramics through the Industrial Design department, as

well as spatial dynamics in Experimental and Foundation Studies. It’s a great joy

to be working with these students.

Michael R. Lamar

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